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Portsmouth RI Dentist


My time at Aquidneck Dental was fantastic. Beautiful building, friendly staff and I was in and out for a bridge without a hitch. Dr. Nogueira made time to see me and explained things as he went along in a very professional, friendly, and calm manner. If I could give six stars, I would!

Portsmouth RI Dentist


I love this place! I normally HATE going to the dentist, but Aquidneck dental treats me wonderful and take care of me.

Portsmouth RI Dentist


Willing to travel across two bridges to see Dr. Nogueira. Not a big fan of going to the dentist, Dr Nogueira and his staff really help take the anxiety out of the visit. Recently had a broken tooth had to call for an emergency visit. The procedure was very quick and painless. I will continue to do what I can to be able to see Dr. Nogueria and his Hygienists.

Portsmouth RI Dentist


Don't tell anyone but I actually like going to the dentist. Great people who care and really want to make you SMILE!

Portsmouth RI Dentist


First of all, Dr Nogueira saved me from a bad experience that I had from a previous dentist in Dartmouth MA. A root canal that went bad. I experienced great deal of pain from my root canal and a terrible infection. He was able to get me out of pain and fix & saved my tooth. Also, his assistant Citalisa, who I I can't say enough about, she & Dr. Nogueira are a great team.
My second experience, is when I had a implant ( crown) done. Dr. Nogueira directed me to a oral surgeon that he works closely with. And Dr. Nogueira completed the crown. The results are perfect! I have now recommended many clients to Dr. Nogueira's practice ( Aquidneck Dental)
And only received great feedback.  Last note, is this office is equipped with state of the art technology. Which many practices don't have.

Portsmouth RI Dentist


 I am very grateful to Dr. Nogueira and Aquidneck Dental. I noticed that my lower denture was not fitting properly and had a crack in it. I made an appointment to discuss my situation with Dr. Nogueira. I was particularly concerned because I was scheduled to leave in a few days to visit my ailing sister in Texas.
Dr. Gus had a cancellation. (Lucky me!) I still expected to discuss options. Instead he was able to repair the damage. The denture is like new, saved me the expense of a new appliance and I was on my way to a great visit with my sister.
Thank you! Some weeks have gone by and I am still overwhelmed with Dr. Gus’s thoughtfulness, expertise and kindness.

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