6 Habits That Could Harm Your Teeth: Advice from Dentist Portsmouth at Aquidneck Dental | Dentist Near Me

At Aquidneck Dental, we understand the importance of breaking harmful habits that can negatively impact your oral health. Here are some common habits and expert tips on how to overcome them:

  1. Nail Biting
    • Why it’s harmful: Nail biting can lead to chipped teeth, tooth misalignment, and gum damage.
    • The solution: Consider wearing a mouthguard to prevent nail biting or try stress-reduction techniques such as therapy. Applying bitter-tasting nail polish can also discourage this habit.
  2. Brushing Too Hard
    • Why it’s harmful: Overly vigorous brushing can damage teeth and irritate gums, leading to gum recession.
    • The solution: Opt for a soft toothbrush and apply gentle pressure. Angle the bristles at 45 degrees to effectively clean your gums without causing harm.
  3. Grinding and Clenching
    • Why it’s harmful: Grinding and clenching can result in tooth damage, muscle tenderness, and jaw pain.
    • The solution: Stay mindful of teeth grinding and clenching, and practice relaxation exercises to minimize these habits. Using a mouthguard can also provide protection against teeth grinding during sleep.

At Aquidneck Dental, we prioritize your dental health. If you’re struggling with any of these habits or need guidance on maintaining optimal oral hygiene, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Portsmouth. Together, we can work towards a healthier smile and overall well-being.

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